Antenatal Preparation Course

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Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman's life. In order for its culmination in childbirth to go as well as possible and for the mother and baby to be as comfortable as possible during childbirth, the postpartum period and during breastfeeding, we offer individual antenatal preparation courses at the GYN MEDICO clinic under the guidance of an experienced midwife. The course consists of four lessons, and it’s up to you whether you complete them all or choose only some. The main advantage of our course is its individual approach. The courses do not take place in a group, and the midwife is always available for one specific client.

Why go to an antenatal preparation course

Thanks to quality antenatal preparation, future mothers gain peace and confidence that help them better manage childbirth. A calm and confident woman cooperates better during childbirth, has more trust in medical staff and adapts better to the changes in her life. This shortens the time of childbirth itself and speeds up adaptation to a new life situation after the birth of a baby.

Childbirth and related topics are entwined with many myths and stories of the women who gave birth before us, so it’s no wonder that sometimes an expectant mother can get confused. Individual lessons with our midwife will allow you to gain insight into everything that is important to you as a mother, and to obtain verified information from a trusted source. You can ask anything in a quiet and completely discreet environment, which is also hygienically safe.

How the course works

The individual antenatal course consists of four two-hour lessons. Each lesson is dedicated to a specific topic:

End of pregnancy and childbirth

We will discuss the things you should prepare before delivery. Symptoms of starting childbirth and the right moment to go to the hospital. Benefits and challenges of the father’s presence at birth. The first stage of labor, admission to the delivery room, proper breathing, relief positions and alternative approaches in the first stage of labor. Positions and proper pushing in the second and third stages of labor, medical and alternative approaches. The fourth stage of childbirth, when the baby is already born. Possible complications and operative solutions.

The postpartum period

We will discuss what the postpartum period entails. What to expect at the very beginning while still in the hospital. What physiological and psychological changes this period brings. How to manage this sensitive period after leaving the hospital and what support from the partner is desirable and appropriate.


We will discuss the beginnings of breastfeeding and practice proper techniques. Suitable positions for breastfeeding, possible use of aids. The most common breastfeeding problems and alternative feeding methods for cases where breastfeeding fails or is insufficient.

Baby care

We will discuss the essentials and options of baby care in the postpartum period. Important information about caring for a child from a physiological point of view. Selection of diapers and other aids as well as how to ensure proper hygiene for the baby.

You can take the complete individual course or register only for selected lessons. We welcome your partners in all lessons.

When and how to register for the course

The ideal time to register for the course is between the 20th and 28th week of pregnancy. However, this is not a condition, and you can apply at any time, even if you are not yet a client of our clinic. You can book the antenatal course at +420 225 990 999, via the contact form, or send us an e-mail at

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