Aromatherapy in pregnancy and the postpartum period

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Aromatherapy is a widely used holistic therapy method that utilizes essential oils and other fragrances to maintain, support and improve physical, emotional and mental well-being. At the GYN MEDICO clinic, we offer clients aromatherapy courses in the form of individual consultations. These consultations will show you the various ways in which you can include aromatherapy in caring for yourself and your baby while discovering products that can help you with specific problems. We focus mainly on the period of pregnancy and the postpartum period, but we can also discuss other topics at the client's request. The courses are led by our specially trained and experienced midwife.

Why aromatherapy in pregnancy and the postpartum period

Aromatherapy is the most widely used method of complementary medicine in the world and, thanks to fragrant essential oils, it is one of the most pleasant natural therapies. With essential oils, we can influence acute and chronic conditions, reduce the risk of complications, and prevent many diseases. Essential oils can also help significantly improve psychosomatic problems. The effects of aromatherapy have been proven by a number of scientific studies and the practice of professional aromatherapists.

Aromatherapy is a suitable addition to self-care in every period of life and all the more so in pregnancy and the postpartum period. A pregnant woman’s body is highly sensitive and receptive, and aromatic components can be used to the maximum benefit of both mother and baby.

How the aromatherapy course works

The course is carried out in the form of an individual consultation with a specialist assigned to deal with your needs exclusively. She will discuss how to use aromatherapy with regard to your current condition and any difficulties you or your baby might be facing. You’ll also learn about products that you can use to care not only for your skin, body and hair, but also your psyche and vital functions while supporting your health and immunity. You can out try the products that interest you on the spot or take samples home.

At the GYN MEDICO clinic, we use purely natural and high quality aromatherapy products with CPK and CPK Bio certificates from the Czech company Nobilis Tilia. You can also buy or order some of the products directly at the clinic.

When and how to book an aromatherapy course

The courses take place directly at our clinic, where we take consistent care of hygienic measures and create a safe and discreet environment for our clients. You can order aromatherapy courses at +420 225 990 999, via the contact form or send us an e-mail at Women who are not yet clients of our clinic and women who are interested in advice on aromatherapy outside of pregnancy and the postpartum period can also book an appointment.

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