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Pregnancy is a very special period for a woman, full of joy but with various challenges. Our team of specialists at the GYN MEDICO clinic is here to take care of you and your medical needs throughout this period providing the highest quality services and respecting your personal wishes. From the moment your pregnancy test is positively confirmed until your last check before delivery, the health and comfort of your baby and yourself are our priority. Our clinic offers up-to-date equipment, and our doctors and midwives continuously broaden their education to be able to deliver the expectant mother care in line with the latest trends.

Antenatal care services

You can confide in our care, whether you are our current gynaecology client, or you just wish to ensure above-standard quality of medical services during your pregnancy. Specialised medical care for pregnant women or antenatal care begins after the 10th week of pregnancy, and check-up appointments take place regularly every two to four weeks throughout the pregnancy. Each appointment includes blood pressure measurement, weighing, urine dipstick test and analysis, consultation concerning the course of pregnancy, check of vaginal findings to prevent premature birth, and baby development check.

At your week 10 appointment, we will issue a pregnancy card for you and perform a fasting blood test for a laboratory to check blood counts, for infectious diseases, sugar levels and conduct first trimester screening. We also examine your thyroid function, which is important for the proper development of the baby.

From the 11th week of your pregnancy, a Trisomy test can be performed to check the risk of Down syndrome and other disorders associated with chromosome trisomy with 99% accuracy. We also offer the Trisomy test +, which covers a significantly wider range of genetic information disorders. The test is part of first trimester screening. In addition to the risk of chromosomal defects, we also determine the risk of premature birth, the risk of intrauterine growth retardation (foetal growth disorder) and preeclampsia (a combination of high blood pressure and protein loss).

An ultrasound scan between the 20th and 22nd week of pregnancy is another important screening test, which can reveal some birth defects. After the 24th week of your pregnancy, we will perform a gestational diabetes test. Another ultrasound scan will be performed between the 30th and 32nd week of your pregnancy. This scan is to assess the position of the foetus, the placement of the placenta and its function, and to check the weight of your baby. During the examination, we will also perform a blood test to evaluate your blood count and check for blood antibodies and syphilis.

In addition to the classic ultrasound screening, we also offer 3D/4D ultrasound, so if you wish, you can get photos (3D) or video (4D) of your baby directly from your womb. The best period for 3D/4D ultrasound scan is between the 24th and the 28th week of your pregnancy.

Six to eight weeks before the birth, we will also issue a maternity leave for you as part of our antenatal clinic services. If you wish, you can take antenatal classes with us and also remain in our outpatient clinic care until the birth, which can save you the time associated with waiting for the antenatal examination at the maternity hospital.

Maternity hospital selection and registration

Maternity hospital selection and registration

If your wish to give birth in one of the Prague maternity hospitals, you need to register at the chosen hospital by the exact deadline. This is a gestational week 14 + 0, which means 14 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. Each expectant mother must make this registration herself. From the Prague maternity hospitals, we recommend Apolinář General University Hospital, the Institute for Mother and Child Care, Motol University Hospital, Bulovka and Thomayerova University Hospitals. Some maternity hospitals, such as the Institute for Mother and Child Care or Apolinář, allow online registration on their websites. Registration is not required in maternity hospitals outside Prague (Hořovice, Kladno, Mělník, Benešov, etc.). If the client suffers from miscarriage later on during pregnancy, her registration for childbirth will not expire automatically. The client has to delete the reservation herself or inform the maternity hospital.

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The professional and friendly staff of our clinic will be happy to tend to your maximum comfort during each visit. You can choose from a range of services to use during your pregnancy and one of the price packages for pregnant women accordingly. Your partner can take part in ultrasound examinations and, of course, in antenatal classes with you.

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