Surgical procedures

Smile will say it for you

Difficulties in the female reproductive organs may require surgical intervention. Besides state-of-the-art equipment for gynaecological examinations and tissue sampling, the GYN MEDICO clinic also offers an operating room fitted with modern equipment for out-patient procedures. Clients whose state of health or personal wishes require minor surgical procedures can therefore undergo such procedures directly at our clinic. If you wish to undergo a surgical procedure in the maximum comfort of a private gynaecological and maternal clinic, contact us, regardless of whether or not you are currently our client.

Maximum comfort during procedures

Even a small procedure in the gynaecological area is a sensitive matter for any patient, and we care about your maximum comfort. We pay great attention to the pre-procedure consultation, during which we will discuss with you the complete course of the procedure, related examinations, possible risks, and the course of convalescence. We will also discuss with you the possibilities of anaesthesia.

You can rely on our expertise, discretion, and collaborative approach throughout the care. Our doctors are professionals with many years of experience, who have completed hundreds to thousands of different gynaecological surgeries. Thanks to our modern methods and equipment at our disposal, outpatient surgeries are fast and usually take a maximum of several tens of minutes.

Most common procedures performed

The most common procedures we perform include inserting and removing intrauterine contraceptives. Procedures related to the uterus and cervix also include the removal of cervical or body polyps and diagnostic procedures of pathological changes in the tissue, such as biopsy (tissue sampling) from the cervix and fractional curettage of the uterus. External genitals are treated by both aesthetic procedures in the form of plastic treatments and medical procedures used to remove pathological changes, such as warts (condyloma).

We’re here for you

You can book a gynaecological procedure at our clinic even if you are not yet our client. Our staff will be happy to ensure your maximum comfort. We are open at convenient hours and offer short booking times. On the day of your procedure, you can arrive either alone or with someone else. Before heading home after your procedure, you can relax in the pleasant environment of our clinic. The GYN MEDICO clinic can be easily reached by public transport or by car. There is also an attended car park you can use at no charge during your visit.

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