Pregnancy Body Massage

Smile will say it for you

A special pregnancy body massage is a welcome way for many expectant mothers to relieve their stressed bodies and relax mentally. We’re happy to offer massages to pregnant clients at our clinic. The massages are performed by a specially trained, highly qualified midwife. A pregnancy body massage is suitable for women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy if there are no physiological problems during pregnancy. Pregnant women who are not yet clients of our clinic can also book a massage with us.

Why go for a pregnancy massage

Pregnancy is a special period in a woman’s life and every woman deserves special care. Massages help pregnant women better cope with the changes that are happening to their bodies and overcome tension and fatigue. They also provide deep relaxation and relieve stress. The baby in the womb is connected to its mother and is highly perceptive of her mood. Because the mother thoroughly relaxes during the massage, it benefits both her and the baby. If the mother regularly enjoys quality care during pregnancy and the pregnancy is going well, a solid foundation is built for managing the birth and subsequent care of the newborn baby.

Massages at the GYN MEDICO clinic take place in a modern environment, where we consistently pay attention to hygienic measures and create a safe and discreet background for clients. All professional staff of the clinic have a quality education and are constantly educating themselves in their practice, allowing us to provide you with care that is always in line with the latest knowledge in the field.

How the massage works

Pregnancy massage is a full-body massage that uses special, gentle touches. The expectant mother takes up various positions, sitting and lying on her side and back with a support under her head, belly and legs. The massage relieves back, joint and muscle pain, which pregnant women often get as a result of the change in their bodies‘ center of gravity. Gentle touches help swollen legs and feet, fight fatigue, and relieve physical and mental stress. The massage improves posture and also has a beneficial effect on the skin. The essential oils that we use during the massage add another dimension to the procedure, aromatherapy dimension, see aromatherapy. If the client is allergic, the fragrance component can be completely left out of the massage.


Pregnancy massage cannot be performed on women in the first trimester of pregnancy. Other contraindications for massage for pregnant women are high-risk pregnancies, repeated miscarriages, nausea, diarrhea, acute illness or injury, fever and inflammatory conditions, varicose veins and similar diseases, or oncological illnesses. If you are not sure whether the massage is suitable for you, contact your gynecologist and get advice on the procedure.

How to book a massage

Expectant mothers in the second and third trimesters are advised to include massages in their self-care program regularly, at least once a month. You can book a pregnancy massage at +420 225 990 999, via the contact form or send us an e-mail at

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