trisomy test

Noninvasive test for Down, Edwards and Patau syndrome

Smile will say it for you

Its reliability is 99% – with high sensitivity it will exclude monitored trisomy of the fetus in the 11th week of pregnancy. The big advantage is that the result of the mother’s blood is available within 7 working days. Trisomy test is of course absolutely painless compared to other screening methods.










  • It has slightly higher sensitivity and accuracy of monitored faults
  • Significantly lower a false  result of positive tests
  • Reducing the number of choriocentesis or amniocentesis
  • It does not involve any risk for the mother or the child

In the maternal blood circulates at an early stage of pregnancy a free DNA associated with the developing fetus, also known as fetal DNA. Using a special examination in the laboratory, it is possible to isolate DNA, analyze and identify the possible presence of trisomy (three identical chromosomes).


The test is not covered by health insurance, and its price at our clinic is 9,600 CZK.