Transition or menopause

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For all women, the lack of the female hormone estrogen produced by the ovaries show considerable acceleration of aging. A lack of androgens produced by the ovaries also lowers libido and stamina. Long-term estrogen deficiency, in addition to the aging of the mucous membranes associated with pain during intercourse and urinary tract infections, is usually not evident immediately.

Zůstaňte svá i při menopauzeAbsolutely, the most effective solution to the acute symptoms associated with menopause (transition) is just hormonal therapy.

We must realize that menopausal hormone therapy is not suitable to all women. As with any drug submissions must have a reason, that is why the hormonal therapy belongs in the hands of a doctor.

The other often overlooked fact is that  it is not a single active substance under different names. This is a large group of drugs that differ in their composition, route of administration (pills, implants, …), the dose of the active substance. Even higher priority when making decisions about whether and when choosing medicine “tailored” – individualization of treatment of conditions associated with menopause. It derives from the difficulties of women, the age, the presence of the uterus, the mammography findings, the incidence of illnesses in her family, wishes of menstruation and duration of use of hormones.

The conclusions of the expert discussions according to current knowledge and the results of the studies agree on the message: “While respecting the rules of individual approach and the early start of treatment difficulties in postmenopausal hormone therapy outweigh the benefits of its risks.”