Lactation Counseling

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At the GYN MEDICO clinic, we provide complete care for expectant and new mothers, and this includes individual lactation counseling sessions. In a private session with an experienced midwife, mothers can get advice on important breastfeeding issues and practice proper breastfeeding or milk pumping techniques. The advantage is an individual approach and the opportunity to ask any questions in the quiet and completely discreet environment of the clinic, which is also hygienically safe. We offer lactation counseling both during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Why lactation counseling

Breast milk is the best nutrition for a baby, and most women want to give their baby enough milk. There may be some challenges associated with this, such as difficulties in starting breastfeeding, proper technique and more. Many of these challenges can be managed with the help of lactation counseling, which will support the physiological aspect of breastfeeding and proper breast milk production.

Lactation counseling before childbirth

You can already start lactation counseling during pregnancy, and it’s one of the lessons of our antenatal preparation course. It’s up to you whether you complete the course as a whole or just choose a lactation counseling lesson. The lesson is always individual and the midwife is always available to one specific client. Even before giving birth, you can gain valuable information from a trusted source and learn breastfeeding techniques. You will support your self-confidence as a future breastfeeding mother and be more confident when the baby is born and needs milk.

Lactation counseling after childbirth

You can also come to lactation counseling sessions with your baby after giving birth, and optionally with a partner who will support you. Counseling is individual and is intended for everyone who:

  • wants to prevent breastfeeding problems
  • has difficulties related to beginning breastfeeding
  • wants to increase or maintain breast milk production
  • needs to learn or modify proper breastfeeding techniques
  • is not sure about the quantity of breastmilk and the well-being of the baby
  • wants to learn how to pump and handle breast milk
  • wants to know more about alternative methods of breastfeeding
  • wants advice on the mother’s proper nutrition during breastfeeding
  • needs advice on introducing baby food
  • is considering ending breastfeeding

We also offer mothers the option of renting a breast pump. You can also buy Medela brand high-quality breastfeeding aids from us.

Difficulties in breastfeeding can be caused by the frenulum in the baby’s mouth, especially the frenulum under the tongue. If our midwife recommends cutting the frenulum, we can perform this procedure at our DENT MEDICO dental clinic. The procedure takes a matter of seconds, the cutting is performed without local anesthesia, and you can be with the baby, hold its hand or otherwise keep it calm throughout the procedure.

How to register for lactation counseling

If you’d like to receive lactation counseling during pregnancy, the ideal time to enroll in an antenatal preparation course is between the 20th and 28th week of pregnancy. However, this is not a requirement, and you can sign up at any time. You can also contact us after giving birth both at the very beginning of breastfeeding or at any time during the entire lactation period, even if you are not yet a client of our clinic. You can book lactation counseling at +420 225 990 999, via the contact form or send us an e-mail at

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