Kinesio taping during pregnancy

Smile will say it for you

Taping or otherwise kinesio taping is a highly effective method of therapy that can bring relief from pain and make some weeks or months of your pregnancy more pleasant.

How does it work? Flexible colorful tape gently lifts the skin and thereby improve the blood flow in the affected areas. They facilitate the natural body´s healing process by offering stability and support to joints and muscles – during pregnancy, after birth, during sports and also in everyday life.

What are tapes?

A kinesio tape is a flexible cotton fabric that is woven in a 90 degree angle, and therefore it is expandable lengthwise. Its characteristics resemble the top layer of your skin, on which is the tape attached by its reverse adhesive side.

The tape is breathable, so it doesn´t cause a heat rash, and is expandable to 150%. When applied correctly, the tape adheres to the skin so well, that you will not even notice it and will be able to move naturally. It does not limit you in any way. You can wear it while showering and swimming without any problems. When good quality tapes are used, they will adhere to the skin even after drying.

The tapes´ characteristics differ based on where they are applied to. But their goal is always the same. They will bring your relief from pain or swelling. A tape applied to the skin activates its receptors that send signals prompting a needed remedy.