Infertility treatments

A disease that can be treated, and we can help with that

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Contemporary modern techniques of assisted reproduction have fundamentally changed the approach to the treatment of infertility. The first baby after in vitro fertilization was born in 1978 in England. Since then, the practice of assisted reproduction quickly perfected. Numerous researches in the field of human reproduction brought a large amount of information. Gradually, a new multidisciplinary field of reproductive medicine has developed. Currently, new treatments give infertile couples a high chance that they will have their own child.

Infertility treatment is demanding not only physically, but it is also a psychological burden. To reduce uncertainty and alleviate the concerns of our clients are advised to make to get  thoroughly familiar  in advance with medical procedures – for consultation there are always available our doctors or nurses who readily explain them all.

At our clinic GYN MEDICO we performed in cooperation with the IVF center a complete treatment of infertile couples, diagnosis and treatment. Also, we are investigating the couples with a history of recurrent pregnancy loss in cooperation with immunology and genetics.