CTG (cardiotocography)

monitoring the movements and sounds of your baby’s heart

Smile will say it for you

CTG is an acronym for measuring instrument of cardiotocography (C – cardio = heart rate, T – Toko = activity of the uterus, G – graph = record of the sensor).

You do not have to worry, because it means no discomfort for you (not even painful) and the only thing that will be expected from you is being calm on a chair or couch. The treatment is performed so that two probes are attached to pregnant belly an attach elastic bands. One senses the heart activity of the child and the second voltage of the uterine wall. This information will be showed on the screen and the device prints it also on long strips of paper.

In order to properly monitor work your baby must be awake and moving. If sleeping or during examination fall asleep, it can stimulate the state of CTG record.